The 75cm Señal Confor two-pieces cones are composed of a conical body manufactured by blowing and a base injected in regenerated rubber or in recycled flexible PVC.

The center of gravity is located in the lower part of the cone, which provides a GREAT STABILITY avoiding overturns or displacements caused by strong gusts of wind or water, passing vehicles, etc.

Señal Confor proposes a family of 6 cones of 75cm height, with weights of 3,60 kg or 4,85 kg of own manufacture with processes and materials of first quality. They are cones of long durability, both for their very flexible body in linear PE, and for the possibility of being traced if the body is separated from the base due to a strong impact.

The RECYCLED PVC base is environment friendly since recovered material is used, thus reducing waste generation. 75cm SC two-pieces cones manufactured in Spain meet the specifications of the UNE EN 134222: 2007 + A1 standard. According to this standard our cones are classified as Class W1 those of 3,60Kg and Class W2 those of 4,85Kg.

They are decorated with R2B retroreflective shirts. We also have other two-piece cones, of 50cm and 100cm high.