Drive safely -the shortfilm-

Drive safely

Enjoy the road and drive safely!

The Señal Confor beacons resistant car impacts and run over are manufactured by high-pressure injection of the EVA polymer, very high tear resistance and very resilient (it recovers its shape elastically). Inside its base has a not deformable galvanized steel disc fixed by eight plastic rivets. This disc distributes the fixing load to the ground and improves the tear resistance of the assembly. This disc cannot go outside because it has been welded to the base before welding the assembly. The coating of the two bands of retroreflective film is done with semi-automatic machine that provides an impeccable finish. In case of running over these are the only H75 flexible cylindrical beacons that recover their verticality and shape without apparent damage. There are two qualities: Standard Run Over and Premium Run Over. The latter (red base) has an extra thick steel disc and high strength anchor in Polyamide. Our H75 beacons comply with UNE 135363 and EN 12899-3 Standards and have a CE CERTIFICATE: